• “These 40 up-and-comers — all 40 years old or younger — are changing the way Americans eat and drink”

    “40 Big Food Thinkers 40 and Under”Food & Wine , Aug 2013

  • “It's fat free but ultra-thick, smooth with a sophisticated tang and surprisingly high in protein”

    “Taste of Home”Edible Manhattan , Apr 2012

  • “It's becoming a cult phenomenon”

    “Learning to Milk a Profit ”Business Week , Aug 2010

    “In the age of corn-syrup-infused foods, shoppers simply wanted this pared-down, no-frills yogurt.”

    “The Yogurt Chronicles”Slate , Aug 2010

  • “Best New Dairy Product”

    Men's Health , Jun 2009

    “"It's so good it tastes like a total indulgence"”

    Health , Jun 2009

  • “Everything about it is cute: the name, the graphics, the sub-sized container. And though it is made from skim-milk (from grass-fed, rBGH free cows), this all natural yogurt is wonderfully thick with the mellowist hints of passion fruit and pomegranate.”

    Gourmet , Oct 2008

  • “Siggi’s Icelandic-style skyr is luxuriously thick and shockingly nonfat, given its intense flavor and dense texture.”

    Oprah , Sep 2008

  • “Siggi’s yogurt it’s thick and creamy (with 0 g of fat) and has 16-17g of protein—that’s three times the protein in most yogurts. It’s my new favorite tide-me-over-for-hours breakfast.”

    Prevention , Jun 2008

  • “"After debuting at Murray’s Cheese and Real Food markets in the summer of 2006, the exceedingly thick, high-protein, agave-sweetened product has slowly infiltrated the health - food shops and gourmet groceries of Manhattan and Brooklyn."”

    New York Magazine , Feb 2008

  • “"High in protein and sweetned with organic agave nectar, the yogurt is made with skim milk, surprising give its creaminess"”

    Organic Spa , Jun 2007