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0% non-fat yogurt

Mainstream yogurts can have up to 25g of sugar per serving. Our flavored varieties have 9-11g and are sweetened with fruit and all-natural sweeteners like agave or cane sugar. (Our plain variety has no added sugar.)

2% low-fat yogurt

Since skyr is traditionally fat free, it has been an age old practice to throw a bit of cream back into it for a tad richer touch: generally called rjóma-skyr, or skyr with cream. Delicious!

4% whole-milk yogurt

It has long been a custom to pour fresh cream over your skyr to create what is called rjóma-skyr. Siggi's dad, for example, may even have more cream than skyr in his elaborate concoction! We try to recreate that richer experience here using whole milk and a bit of cream.

2% low-fat tubes

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