• “siggi's Mango & Jalapeño Icelandic-style yogurt. It brings the heat and a touch of sweet with peppers and real fruit.”

    “Whey Tasty”Women's Health , Jun 2015

  • “Believe it or not, healthy yogurt doesn't have to be plain! This Icelandic skyr (similar to Greek yogurt) has a smooth vanilla taste and only 9 g of sugar - many leading brands contain double that.”

    “BEST OF THE TEST: ON-THE-GO”Good Housekeeping , Apr 2015

  • “Skyr, a thick and creamy yogurt native to Iceland, provides everything people love about flavored Greek yogurt, without as much sugar. Out testers loved the rich but not-too-sweet vanilla flavor.”

    “2015 Snack Stars”all you , Mar 2015

  • “An Icelandic style of strained yogurt, skyr (pronounced "skeer") is similar in taste to Greek strained yogurt, but contains less sugar and more protein.”

    “Rise and Shine”Triathlete , Aug 2014

  • “This Icelandic yogurt can be even creamier, thicker and richer in protein than Greek. ”

    “Reach for the skyr”Good Housekeeping , May 2014

    “eat this vanilla yogurt”

    “eat this, not that!”Women's Health , May 2014

  • “Siggi's Icelandic style skyr yogurt satisfies my afternoon sugar craving without making me crash.”

    “5 energizing meals”Self Magazine , Apr 2014

  • “A spoonful tastes like a fluffy, vanilla-soaked cloud, and it's made with hormone-free milk.”

    “100 Best Clean Foods”Prevention Magazine , Mar 2014

  • “Siggi's isn't a Greek yogurt, but it's made in a similar way, which helps to up the protein value. Plain yogurts will have the least sugar, but among flavored options this may be the healthiest.”

    “Eat It!”Eat It To Beat It , Jan 2014

    “Siggi's is high in protein but also comes in interesting flavors; it's the only flavored yogurt I recommend.”

    “Top Five LBT Breakfasts”The Little Book of Thin , Jan 2014

  • “These 40 up-and-comers — all 40 years old or younger — are changing the way Americans eat and drink”

    “40 Big Food Thinkers 40 and Under”Food & Wine , Aug 2013

  • “It's fat free but ultra-thick, smooth with a sophisticated tang and surprisingly high in protein”

    “Taste of Home”Edible Manhattan , Apr 2012

  • “It's becoming a cult phenomenon”

    “Learning to Milk a Profit ”Business Week , Aug 2010

    “In the age of corn-syrup-infused foods, shoppers simply wanted this pared-down, no-frills yogurt.”

    “The Yogurt Chronicles”Slate , Aug 2010

  • “Best New Dairy Product”

    Men's Health , Jun 2009

    “"It's so good it tastes like a total indulgence"”

    Health , Jun 2009

  • “Everything about it is cute: the name, the graphics, the sub-sized container. And though it is made from skim-milk (from grass-fed, rBGH free cows), this all natural yogurt is wonderfully thick with the mellowist hints of passion fruit and pomegranate.”

    Gourmet , Oct 2008

  • “Siggi’s Icelandic-style skyr is luxuriously thick and shockingly nonfat, given its intense flavor and dense texture.”

    Oprah , Sep 2008

  • “Siggi’s yogurt it’s thick and creamy (with 0 g of fat) and has 16-17g of protein—that’s three times the protein in most yogurts. It’s my new favorite tide-me-over-for-hours breakfast.”

    Prevention , Jun 2008

  • “"After debuting at Murray’s Cheese and Real Food markets in the summer of 2006, the exceedingly thick, high-protein, agave-sweetened product has slowly infiltrated the health - food shops and gourmet groceries of Manhattan and Brooklyn."”

    New York Magazine , Feb 2008